Hearthstone: How To Kill Garr on Heroic

TeamOverpowered 2018-07-22

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The second week of Blackrock Mountain has been unlocked (yesterday) and we have cleared all of heroic, take a look at the guide below for a pretty solid deck to kill Garr. Garr was the easiest of the three new bosses as you could turn his hero power into an advantage.



The Boss

The Garr fight consists of him dealing 1 damage to all minions every turn, he also starts out with 0/5 minions that deal damage depending on how many of them died this turn, which is easily over 30 health. This means you have to control the rate at which they explode or eliminate the threat completely.

The Deck

This deck runs a few key priest cards, Circle of Healing, so you can heal up the enemy rocks to stop them from exploding and Mass Dispel, which silences the rocks and eliminates the threat completely. If you get an early mass dispel then this fight is made a lot easier, from there you can thoughtsteal and mind vision some of the powerful cards from the boss and kill him.

You have a couple of backups should you not get a mass dispel, Mind Control Tech, Cabal Shadow Priest, Silence, Light of the Naaru and the worst case scenario Velen’s Chosen. These can all be used to stagger the death of the rocks so that they don’t all explode at once.


Mulligan hard for Circle of Healing and Mass Dispel, they will both make this fight easier.


You will finish the game with Lightwarden, Injured Blademasters and Raging Worgen, which can all be buffed with Velen’s Chosen to output some decent damage.


On heroic you won’t recieve any rewards until you have completed all of Blackrock Mountain heroic, then you will recieve a card back.

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